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About us

Wisonpak is a progressive and sustainable packaging company specialising in reducing cost by using more paper and advanced composite packaging technologies. We help businesses access latest technology processes and materials to overcome packaging challenges in more sustainable and cost effective ways.

Are you looking for composite packaging that is cheaper and more sustainable because it uses more paper, less metals and less plastics?

This is our area of specialisation and we are well placed to help guide you to best practice solutions that deliver equal or superior function and performance, with increased efficiencies and sustainability.

“There are better ways to meet most packaging challenges, our team makes a clear commitment to offer more sustainable and cost effective ways to deliver high performance packaging.”

Mary, Wisonpak CEO

We can help you to understand and consider the options and guide you to the very best packaging solutions for your business, your products and your consumers.

We specialise in replacing plastic and metal with paper laminate combinations to reduce costs and deliver more sustainable packaging solutions, including our specialisation in composite packaging. We understand packaging opportunities in terms of materials, formats, and marketing power making maximum impact at point of sale, in parallel reducing packaging costs and improving the environmental impact of the pack.

“ We are able to help our clients achieve progressive new solutions in packaging. What makes my day is introducing clients to new solutions that are smarter, more sustainable, and saves them money with a better product.”

Martin, Wisonpak Commercial Director

We help clients globally understand their options, find the best packaging solutions and then we deliver with integrity and sustainability.

Please take a look at our packaging solutions and contact us to discuss the options we have for your business.